About Me

Welcome to Black is the New Black!

My name is Diana. I’m currently exploring my twenties as well as the world, but this isn’t a travel blog. A person’s twenties is always full of ups and downs as well as adventures and ruts. This blog will cover all of those things, and hopefully you will be inspired, if not entertained, by my quirkiness.

Ideally, I would like to be an event specialist where I can plan major events such as Van’s U.S. Open of Surf or music festivals such as Coachella. My dream, though, is Fashion Week everywhere. I have always loved fashion and drawing my own designs, but growing up and participating in organizations that require planning for events has made me lean towards the event planning route. Now, I’m studying for my degree and volunteering to gain experience, as well as (hopefully) sharing those experiences with you, my readers.

It’s always been a goal of mine to start and maintain a blog (and a 2016 New Year’s Resolution), so I figured starting one would put me on the right path to actually completing that. I am notorious for never really finishing anything in a timely manner, so having a blog will definitely cut that bad habit in the bud. Along with this being a lifelong goal of mine, my hospitality class is requiring me actually build a blog. This is my personal lifestyle (for a grade, kinda) blog.

I hope you enjoy what you read!


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