HMD 226 – Module 1

This is a lifestyle blog where I will post about my interests, travels, and experiences.

In HMD 226, I expect to learn the fundamental foundations of Information Technology and its importance in the hospitality world. I am mostly excited to learn the details of SMAC technology and how it is used in hospitality I expect that after this course, I will be able to use SMAC efficiently and be able to apply it in my future career. As technology advances and is used constantly in today’s world, it is vital to take advantage of how to use it to put you ahead of competitors. Those are the skills I would like to gain from this course.

This video particularly stood out to me. This video was made in 2013 and it is called “Microsoft 2020 Technology Future Vision.” Three years ago, it was assumed that in 2020 we would live in a world filled with technology, such as this video. So far in the technological world, we have mastered the art of drone and 3D-printing technology, but we have not yet created the technology such as what is shown in this video (and if we have, the CES convention is seriously holding out on all of us). If this kind of technology can actually come to life within the next four years, I would be extremely impressed and it would be a huge advancement in the world of hospitality. More and more people travel for business every day, so to make something like what is shown in this video possible would be incredible. The hands-on technology will make it so much easier to connect with our project and each other.


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