How Hospitality Information Technology is Used Today-Module 2

In today’s world, technology is used so often and so frequently that it is hard to imagine how the world ever functioned without it. The front desk uses a check-in software to look up guests, check them in and out of rooms and even switch their room around if there is a problem. Now, instead of using a card with a radio-frequency identification chip (that the guest will most likely lose) to enter the hotel room, hotels are integrating to bracelets with RFID chips in them and hotel room doors will open when the guest puts the bracelet against the sensor. It is the job of technology to make sure these systems work. If you walk into the most modern hotels, you will find large screens, touch screens, interactive screens with cameras on them. Hotels are using technology to make their guests feel included.

In terms of performance levels, it is important for hotels to have software that provides feedback on the hotel’s performance. Many software companies like Revinate or DigiMind allow department or company heads to view their performance and social media status to further improve their company and name. You can  do so much as see what people are saying about the company, or view statistics of your performance or the performance of competitors. It is amazing what technology can help us see and accomplish today.

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