My Experience at the West Coast Conference

March Madness is the time of the annual National Collegiate Athletic Association college basketball tournaments. Fans from all over the nation come together to cheer their team on. The atmosphere in the stadium is nothing but hype. There is cheering, and there is booing.

With 3Dot Entertainment, I was given the opportunity to volunteer for this event. There was a variety of jobs available, but I was mostly given the tasks of running statistics like box scores to the teams and to the media like tv and radio across the court. I was also put on quotes duty. After the game, I delivered box scores and the book to journalists in the press conference room before it started, then it was my job to record the interviews and type up important and notable quotes for media to use.

National Collegiate Athletic Association West Coast Conference team Gonzaga University at their press conference after their win in the semifinals against Brigham Young University Monday Night.

I even met Brad Daugherty, college basketball commentator for the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network!

Working for an NCAA tournament was definitely an experience. The atmosphere of the games is indescribable. When Gonzaga University won the championship, the entire stadium cheered like nothing I have ever seen before at a college basketball event. Seeing the operations of it all is definitely something I hope I can accomplish in my career upon graduation.


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