The Cloud is Awesome, and Here’s Why- Module 3

What really is the cloud? You see this technology everywhere, and you probably use it without noticing.

Wondering how Spotify knew what song you were listening to on your phone when you switched from your laptop? The Cloud


Technology is incorporating cloud technology in almost every aspect. Airports use cloud technology now, making it easier for passengers to arrive in a timely manner. People can check into their flights using mobile applications rather than going to the airport ahead of time to wait in line to check in. This prevents long lines in airports just to check in. The cloud also helps airports reduce hardware, maintenance and network costs. Airports easily reduce hardware by replacing multiple servers with one IT infrastructure that can store all the information it needs to. Hardware often needs to be replaced since warrantees are not lifetime; they are usually three to five months. In turn, maintenance costs for the hardware will also be eliminated. Instead of hiring a team to come to the airport to update systems that could take weeks, a smaller team (even one or two people) can update the cloud in a matter of 15 minutes. Even the cost of networks can be decreased with the cloud because it can manage connections to airlines quickly and efficiently rather than having to manage links to hundreds of airport locations.

Airports aren’t the only ones taking advantage of cloud technology. The hospitality industry uses cloud technology as well. In fact, the hospitality world have been using cloud computing for a while. Hotels have been using GDS systems (Global Distribution Systems) to book hotel rooms. This, among other reservations systems, use cloud computing. Departments such as HR, payroll, stock control, etc. all use cloud computing as well. If anything, hospitality did it first.

In general, cloud computing is such a great tool that can grow and develop and be used in all aspects of our lives. It provides instant gratification and a less headache and that is what the millennial generation, and generations to come, want. No one wants to wait around for tasks to be complete, or be constantly frustrated when there is a lag because servers are overheated. The cloud is already bringing us into a more advanced technological age. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what else we can do with cloud computing.

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