Analytical Technology Today – Module 4

From the beginning of time, humans have been recording things. Whether it is drawings of the hunt of the day on stone walls or recording how many red M&M’s you have so you’ll know if your sibling ate one. Numbers are everywhere and they are a big part of our lives. Since the stone age, technology has obviously grown so much. In the hospitality industry, we are constantly finding new ways to accommodate our guests needs and wants, even before they know they need or want them.

For any event planner, analytics may be the most important part of the job. Using analytics help event planners stay connected with attendees to determine what they are thinking about the event, or to even modify future events compared to those of the past. Attendees have the opportunity to leave their own feedback in the process. With the help of mobile technology, all of this can be done and viewed from the palm of your hand.

Event planners love numbers. How many people are attending the event? How much security should I hire? How many tents do I need? How many food trucks do I need? Table cloths? Cutlery? All of this, with the help analytics, are easily attainable. Decisions can be made by how much of your budget should go to any previously mentioned items. To be able to view past events to determine what to change for future events is truly something any planner loves.

Below is a video of the company Tedx Stanley Park and how they utilized Hootsuite, an event planning social media tool, to kickstart their website.

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