The Coachella 2016 Series: Fashion and Trends

Coachella is known for many things. The amazing set list, the interesting art around the grounds, the hippie vibes and the fashion trends. Fashion is one of the main reasons why people even go to the music and arts festival. People spend months planning their outfits, and those that cannot go to the festival await to see pictures of Coachella fashion icons like the queen, Vanessa Hudgens.

Coachella trends are influenced by the hippie and bohemian vibes created by the festival. Some of those include the following:

Bandana Necklaces
I’m not sure what sparked this trend, but it is definitely something I saw all over the grounds during weekend 1. Bandanas are great for blocking your face from the heavy sandstorms that grace their presence during the festival weekends. It only makes sense to tie the bandana around your neck whenever it is not covering your nose and mouth. Bandanas have that kind of practical use in the windy desert. Kendall Jenner had a very relaxed style throughout her time at Coachella, and she manages to accessorize her bandana just nicely with her bohemian-esque necklace.


Coachella braids has transformed from many braids accompanied by hair wraps and charms to the braids that seem to be seen everywhere today. Plus, the only thing worse than the desert sun is when it makes you melt and your hair ends up sticking to the back of your neck. Another practical, yet stylish, trend are the boxer braids that makes girls look like total baddies. The braids, among other staples seen at the festival, could have been a part of rave culture that has slowly been seeping into the world of Coachella fashion.


More and more women have been advocating “free the nipple” and maybe more so at the festival. Whether it is wearing pasties or switching from uncomfortable wire bras to lacy bralettes, both staples were expressed at Coachella. I saw some women wearing just a bralette as their top, some wearing overalls and pasties, and some just completely topless. If this festival was not about expressing yourself, it may not have been okay. Coachella is definitely about letting that freak flag fly, whether it is through your top or your bottom (see next fashion trend). I would say the only downside to bralettes is the fact that busty women can’t get the support they need from them. I have a decent sized chest, and yet a bralette does nothing. I have to wear a strapless bra with it in order to have any kind of support. Needless to say, they are still super duper cute.


Body Suits
Rave culture has never been so alive at the Coachella music and arts festival until this year. When I say these body suits were cheeky, I mean they were cheeky.¬†It seemed like wearing as little as possible was the idea, which isn’t bad because it was incredibly hot in the desert. I wish I had thought of doing so myself. Some women paired their deep-plunging body suits with cheeky shorts and layered necklaces. Some just wore the body suit with mid-calf socks and tennis shoes. My favorite was when I saw a woman wear a body suit with a sheer maxi skirt on top.


No matter how much an influence rave culture has over Coachella, the original bohemian/hippie staples will never die. Fringe definitely being one of them. Fringe has made an appearance on vests, bralettes, purses and backpacks, and shoes during weekend one of the festival. Some celebrities even rocked a fringed look, too. There’s variations of brown-colored fringe and black fringe that many people used to spice up their wardrobe.


Face Gems
No festival look is complete without the flair of face gems. The Coachella Queen herself, Vanessa Hudgens, rocks the look, and so can you! When I went to Coachella, I totally forgot my gems at home, but so many people were rocking the look. My only concern would be getting the gems to actually stay on. Eyelash glue can only work for so long until you start to sweat!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.03.43 PM

Tinted Sunglasses
Tinted sunglasses were all the rage at this year’s festival. Normally it would have just been hippie circle sunnies, but the added reflective tint gave every outfit a little POP! Basically, any size and shape sunglasses will do the trick, just as long it as that pretty blue, pink or purple tint.


Clearly chokers have made a comeback since the 90’s, and they’re back better than ever! There are plastic ones, and velvet ones, and they are best when layered with other necklaces, too.


Wide brimmed Hats
It is a desert out there! No, really. It’s a desert in Indio, California. The best thing a person can do is accessorize with a hat, straw or felt, that has a wide brim to keep that pesky sun out of your face. I used a straw hat, since I find that it breathes better than felt. I think felt was more popular though, no one will judge you for your preference.


Coachella fashion and trends have really morphed from the bohemian hippie vibes to the rave culture-inspired looks that they are today. Anyone can really pull off a Coachella look by simply applying the basic staples to their wardrobe. Since Coachella fashion is really changing each year, it is exciting to think of the fashion trends that will arise in the future!


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