HMD 259-Module 1

So, I’ve decided to take another hospitality class to fill my major requirements, and I’ve decided to take it with Alice! As you can see, my blog has grown and flourished since last semester, and I’ve definitely gotten better at using it.

I have already learned so much about what this class is about by completing Module 1, but overall I would like to learn how big of a part human resources plays in the hospitality industry, and what exactly they do. Every company has a human resources department, but many people such as myself, only see it as a means to screen employees and process new hires and termination. Human resources is clearly much more than that, and I am excited to learn all the ways HR plays into the industry and how I may connect more to my company by using this tool.

Last semester, I studied information technology in the hospitality industry. This video not only touches up on that, but also how MGM Resorts International uses Workday to allow managers and employees connect with one another. It allows users to communicate better and managers can even send feedback to their employees. Not only is it a great tool, it is a tool that gets human resources involved to improve the work culture between all MGM employees.

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