How to Club Like a Local in Las Vegas

The vibrations of the base and loud music bumping through a typical Las Vegas nightclub are some of the reasons people visit the city of sin to begin with, but they are not the only ones taking advantage of Vegas nightlife.

Tourists travel from all over the world to see the bright lights of this city, and they certainly pay for every amenity as well. This includes the high cost of cover charges at every nightclub, which can make the trip cost thousands of dollars.

Las Vegas locals have a way around paying the steep price of cover charges. It isn’t magic, and sometimes it isn’t even local privilege. Instead, locals manage to avoid paying anything at all by using club promoters and hosts. If a local is actively involved in the thrill and glamor of Las Vegas nightlife, they know that connections are important. Being connected with these promoters and hosts is the only way to get into a club for free, or even get table and bottle service.

Ladies aren’t the only ones receiving the many perks the industry has to offer. There are ways for men to gain the same advantages, too. A way that they can do this is by knowing the right people, or promoters, and to go during industry nights. Industry nights are during the week when locals get free entry into clubs with a Nevada drivers license.

Promoters are also directly connected to the club, and they make money off of how many people check in on their guest list, which is why having connections are important for promoters and hosts, as well. They mainly make commission when people check into the host’s guest list at a club. I asked one of my friends, who is also a host for the clubs at Mandalay Bay, and he explained only a quarter of people on the guest list check in for the night, which in fact effects his income.

Locals tend to be more reliable because they come out in groups and usually checkin to the guest list on time. Because locals are much more reliable clientele than tourists, the industry considers them as assets to the Las Vegas nightlife industry. The club industry actually appreciates the business of locals, especially during slower seasons when club attendance is slower than summer high seasons. In fact, the club industry helps locals by providing a guest list service, which allows them to avoid long waits in line, and drink passes for complimentary cocktails.

When considering how much locals are actually saving, it makes sense that locals use promoters for their clubbing needs. Tourists end up paying about $100 at most for admission and$15-$25 for drinks. They end up paying thousands of dollars for tables with bottles being $500 or more. These are steep prices for locals to pay, especially if most of them are still in college barely scraping by.

Fortunately enough, promoters are able to hook locals up with complimentary tables and bottle service. Tables normally cost thousands of dollars, more or less depending on the night and the DJ. Bottles start at about $500, but can also go up to $1000. If a local has a complimentary table for the night, it is customary for them to tip about $10 per person to the cocktail server and busser.

Although locals have an inside on how to take advantage of Las Vegas nightlife, they are not the only ones. It is easy for tourists or even locals without any connections to go out on a Friday night. Many tourists usually don’t know that they can be put on a guest list to get into a club, so they show up to the venue and pay general admission. Nightclubs make a bulk of their money off of cover charge for big name DJs. Being on a guest list is still attainable on a busy weekend.

The best thing a person can do is have connections. With connections like a club promoter or host, a tourist can enjoy all of the perks locals can for little to no money at all. In order to find a promoter, a tourist might need to ask around. Good places to find a promoter may be the hotel concierge, or even a casino worker.

It is easy to work the industry if a person knows how it is done.



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