Interesting name, distinct menu. Eggslut is the new food establishment located at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Its menu is solely focused on eggs, putting a whole new twist on all-day breakfast. Eggslut praises their cage-free eggs and warm brioche buns. 

I went yesterday morning to check it out, not knowing it had opened two days prior. The wait was long, but it was well worth the hype. I ordered the Egg Salad Sandwich. I’m not big on eggs in general, but I could imagine any foodie or egg-lover would enjoy Eggslut a lot. My friends ordered breakfast sandwiches, and the ladies sitting across from us ordered The Slut. The Slut is Eggslut’s signature dish.

It’s interesting how they actually make The Slut. There is a potato purée at the bottom of the jar and egg on top. The egg is actually cooked inside the jar by submerging it in boiling hot water. How cool?!

Although I am not a huge egg fanatic, I will go back again to get their signature Slut and biscuit with limited availability. I think all foodies traveling to Vegas will appreciate the uniqueness of an all-egg establishment, too, so Eggslut would cater to their foodie needs.

Stay tuned for more foodie posts! What’s your favorite restaurant in Vegas?


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