MGM’s Employee Benefits are Probably Better Than Your Work Benefits and Here’s Why

MGM Resorts International is a huge name known in the hospitality industry. It alone has 23 resorts in the world that employs over 62,000 employees, making it one of the world’s leading global hospitality and entertainment companies. This prestigious company is known for being so involved in the community and for giving their employees benefits that motivate them to perform their absolute best.


MGM Resorts International’s Chairman, Jim Murren, is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, and he wishes the same health for his employees and their families. This company is able to provide to their employees full health coverage for them and their families including medical, prescription drug, dental and vision. On top of these health benefits, MGM Resorts has taken the initiative to help employees maintain their wellness by providing free healthy meals and free membership with unlimited benefits at Lifetime Fitness. An article in the Las Vegas Review Journal explains some of the healthier perks these properties offer to their employees.

Emotional wellness is just as important as physical wellness to MGM Resorts International CEOs. This company provides multiple employee assistance programs free consultations and support from experts for employees and their families dealing with issues such as: emotional, financial, grief and loss, legal, marital, parent/child conflicts, gambling, substance abuse and work pressures. This is important because an employee can only perform so well if there is an underlying issue. MGM Resorts International aims to take care of their employees in all ways.

These aren’t the only benefits employees receive from this major hospitality company. There are also savings plans full-time employees can set up for themselves. Like many companies, they offer a 401(k) Savings Plan for retirement needs. Something not a lot of companies offer is the 529 College Savings Plan, which allows employees to set aside money for tuition that is constantly increasing. This money can be set aside for an employees  nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren or even themselves.

As you can see, money isn’t the only motivator that drives employees to strive to do their best at MGM Resorts. All of the benefits included with their employment shows them that the company truly cares. It is like a domino effect. If employers care about employees, employees enjoy working and they will provide the best service to guests, guests will then keep coming back.

A video of the company’s most recent successes is below:

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