Things You Need To Do When Applying For Jobs

Companies want to hire you, they really do! But they want to find the person that is best fit for the job.

Finding a job isn’t always easy. You either have to know someone or your have to have a kick-ass résumé. But there are two very important steps you can take to make yourself the candidate that stands out among the rest.


Follow Up On Your Application
After applying for the job, there is that period of time where you have to wait until you hear back from the company you applied for. This can go one of two ways: you get the job or you don’t. The best advice I can give you is to wait five business days before you call or email to hear about your application. Doing this shows that you care about the position that you applied for, even though you really applied at 10 other companies, too. They don’t need to know that.

Follow Up On Your Interview
So you get the interview, which is fantastic, but there is still more you need to do to leave a lasting impression. About 48 hours after the interview, you will want to email your interviewer thanking them for the opportunity to be interviewed. This shows that you are grateful for an interview they didn’t have to even give you.

Anytime from a week to two weeks, the hiring manager should call or email you to say they’ve picked you or they’ve chosen to go with someone else. Whatever the outcome is, you know you followed all of the steps every candidate should when applying for jobs. The technicality comes into play during the interview process.


Don’t forget to proofread anything you send in to a potential future employer! Hopefully this guide to communication when applying for jobs helps you in your next professional endeavor!

Let me know if you have any tips in the comments that have worked for you!

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