Misconceptions People Have About Las Vegas Locals

Las Vegas – the city of sin, where people can go to completely forget their troubles and do things they normally wouldn’t. And what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas now with social media at its peak. Well for locals, Las Vegas isn’t about drinking and gambling — and we definitely don’t live in hotels. What many people know about this city in southern Nevada is what they’ve seen in movies and television shows, but clearly there is more than meets the eye with this crazy city.


1. Las Vegas locals don’t commute via taxis.
Taxis are mad expensive in this city. Just to get from McCarran International Airport to the Strip costs about $40 with a taxi service. There are actually a ton of people who own cars and use those as their main mode of transportation.

2. We don’t live in hotels/on the Strip.
Hotels on the Strip, and just about everywhere else, are meant to accommodate vacationers and business travelers. And aside from Las Vegas Boulevard and the surrounding area, everywhere else is pretty suburban. I’m talking about everything within a twenty-minute radius from the hotels are filled with neighborhoods of just houses.. And parks… and grocery stores.

3. We’re not all strippers and drug dealers.
There are a ton of strip clubs in the city, and there is a big drug influence as well, but most of the locals here earn an honest living by working in the 24-hour hotels and resorts you stay in along with jobs everywhere else in the city. This also means we are not sex-craved beings, as many people may think.

4. We’re not all gamblers.
Gambling is pretty big in Las Vegas, and a lot of locals do it. Some people even take it too far and end up on the streets because of gambling addiction – it is a very real thing, but not every legal local in the city does it. I’m probably the unluckiest person I know because I’ve lost every dollar spent on gambling. Clearly it isn’t for me!

5. We’re not all alcoholics.
I relate to this on a very personal level because I love to go out clubbing! A lot of the time people will think because I go out, I drink a lot when I mostly don’t drink at all. It is a very possible thing to go out and not come back home completely hammered. Because alcohol is easily accessible, it is possible for alcoholism to develop if it is abused, just like anything else.

6. We don’t party every night. 
As with the previous misconception, Las Vegas locals don’t party every night. I have two jobs, I am a full time student, and I go to church. Just because the Strip is about 20 minutes from my house, doesn’t mean I’m “tempted” to go out. Self control is an awesome thing! I seriously hear, “I don’t know how you live in Vegas without partying every night,” all the time. Well, with the responsibilities I have, it isn’t that hard.


Even though people have many misconceptions about Las Vegas locals, I’m kind of proud to be one because of the advantages we do have. For example, we know how to avoid spending $4,000 on a trip to what’s in our backyard. There’s a lot of perks we do have because we know how to work the industry

xo Di

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the read! Well that is certainly a good tip to have when I visit London. You should totally do a sister post on common misconceptions people have about Londoners! That is something I would love to read, just so that I’m not a complete idiot when I go there! LOL

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