Demi Lovato x Nick Jonas – Future Now

Does anyone know that joy of winning things off the radio? It’s a hard thing to do, and it’s probably some combination of luck and incredible good timing. Thanks to my local radio station, 98.5 KLUC, I was the lucky winner of two free tickets to see Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas on their Honda Civic Tour on August 13 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Honda Civic Tour

As I was calling in to try to win the tickets, I felt my heart sink to my stomach because seeing such incredible artists perform live was something that would give me memories to cherish forever. When I found out I actually won, I was legitimately screaming, shaking, crying and hyperventilating all at once. A little backstory on why I love Demi and Nick…

Demi Lovato is one of the most powerful singers I grew up with. You could tell how much she has changes as an artist by watching her act and sing on Disney Channel as well as seeing through the media what she was tackling in her life. She is so raw with her emotions in her music and it legitimately gives me life.

Nick Jonas has been my childhood crush since the first Jonas Brothers album when he sported those brown, curly locks. I wasn’t one of those girls who saw the Jonas Brothers every time they came to town. I missed out on those opportunities. Although I knew it would not have been the same, I was happy I got to see Nick Jonas perform (finally !!!). I had seen him when he came to town New Years Eve, but that minor sighting (I cried) was not enough for me.

I ended up taking my mom and my number one best friend to share this memory with me. Despite it being her first (American) concert, she seemed to have a pretty good time. Yeah, she didn’t know these artists or any of the words, but she looked like she got a kick from how I was sobbing the entire time.


This was my first concert since I went to Coachella in April, but it was still such an amazing experience!


Of course I couldn’t get enough of Nick Jonas, so I did something kind of crazy.. I went to Intrigue Nightclub at the Wynn  (by myself) just to see him perform again for another 20 minutes. Clearly from the previous pictures, you can tell I wasn’t sitting super close at the concert. Unfortunately, my mother did not want to accompany me to my crazy late-night shenanigans. One cocktail and complimentary organic chocolate ice cream late, Nick finally took the stage with his entourage (including Chord “Trouty Mouth” Overstreet, from Glee) cheering in the background.

I have two most memorable moments from this part of my crazy evening…

  1. Nick Jonas acknowledged my existence (!!!) when I held up the concert booklet and my tickets from the show while he was performing. More specifically, HE WINKED AT ME! My soul died and went to heaven. I also cried. A lot.
  2. I got to take home a pizza from Intrigue (thanks, Steve Wynn!).

This is a night I’ll never forget, and my memories are all thanks to my local radio station 98.5 for giving many people the opportunity to win tickets to make memories like this.

Take a look at my 12-minute Snapchat story on my experience! You’ll feel like you were there, I promise.


This post is not sponsored. I’m only sharing my experiences (and dedication as a Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato fan).

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